The Lost Coin Women's Fund, Inc. is a charitable, non-profit [IRC 501(c)(3)] organization founded to help women living in Massachusetts improve their quality of life by providing funds to assist in undergraduate studies or vocational training programs. Low-income guidelines are used to determine grant eligibility.

Grants are awarded up to $1,000.00. Payments are made directly to schools or programs, in the name of the grant recipients. Acceptance will be decided within four months from the date of receipt of completed application. Only one grant per applicant is allowed. The Fund does not give grants for payment of loans or past courses; only for courses not yet taken. Items such as books, and equipment for nurses, etc. can be considered as part of the LCWF grant request.


If you are interested in being considered for a Grant, please -

1) download the Grant Application pdf below and print in hard copy.

2) fill in all the requested information and send the completed application along with documentation of your financial situation and a personal statement to:

Lost Coin Women's Fund, Inc.
P. O. Box 82
Milton, MA 02186

A professional letter of recommendation written on letterhead stationary must be included in the appliaction.

Grant Application

If you submit an Application, it must be sent to LCWF via regular U.S. mail. We cannot accept an Application sent by email.

Download Grant Application in PDF format

(Please Print or type)

Date: __________

I. Applicant's Personal Information

Last Name:___________________ First Name:___________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State:________________ Zip ____________

Date of Birth:__________________

Telephone:_________________ Email: _________________________________

School Attending Now:______________________ Year in School:________

Please Choose: Full Time___ Part Time___ Prior Undergraduate Degree Completed? (Y/N)______

Highest Level of Education Completed: HS___ Certificate___ Assoc. Degree___ Bachelor's___ Master's___

Amount Being Requested:_________

School Advisor's Name:_________________ Advisor's Telephone:_________________

II. Professional Recommendation:

Last Name: _____________________ First Name:____________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ______________________ State: _____ Zip: _____________

Telphone: _____________ Alternate Phone: _______________

Email: ___________________________

* Please ask a professional person associated with you to submit a recommendation supporting your grant request.*

III. Financial Information

If you are supporting children, list their ages. Also list any others who are dependent on you for financial support:______________________________________________________________

Will your current monthly income change once you begin school? (Y/N)_______
If yes, how will your current monthly income change?

IV. Income Verification

Name of Employer _____________________________ Telephone No. ________________________

Street Address _________________________ City ________________________

State _____________________ Zip_______________

Gross Monthly Income:

Salary/Wages $_________________
Contributions from Household Members $_________________
Child Support $_________________
Alimony $_________________
Public Assistance (Welfare, AFDC) $_________________
Social Security/SSI $_________________
Unemployment Compensation $_________________
Worker's Compensation $_________________
Disability $_________________
Other (For example, tips) $_________________

TOTAL MONTHLY INCOME _________________
TOTAL GROSS YEARLY INCOME (monthly income X12) $_________________

V. Application Verification/Review
Please note that your application cannot be considered until all of the following pieces of information are submitted. Place a check mark to the left of each item to be sure all documents are part of your grant application.

___ 1. Personal Statement. On a separate sheet, please describe (a) why you are seeking this grant; (b) how the grant will be used, i.e. the cost of courses, or books, and (c) include any additional information that may be helpful to us in deciding your grant acceptance.

___ 2. Professional letter of recommendation (a professional is one with whom you have worked, and who can vouch for your responsibility, ability to complete academic work, etc.) The professional recommendation letter may be sent separately.

___ 3. (a) Verification of your acceptance into, or currently enrolled at, the school for which you will apply this grant (for example, an official school letterhead for transcript, acceptance letter, grants, etc.); and (b) The cost of courses (or books) this grant will be applied to, obtained from your school's Financial Aid Officer or Registrar.

___ 4. List of all grants, loans and scholarships, and the amount of received or applied for, in each case.

___ 5. Income Verification (ex. Pay stub, verification of financial aid, child support, or governmental aid such as food stamps, aid to dependent children, welfare, etc.)

*Please do not mail the application until you have completed each of the requirements above and included them with your application. The professional recommendation letter may be sent separately.

A grant shall be denied if the request is for repayment of student loans incurred by the applicant, regardless of the source of the student loan(s).

Please inform the person writing your professional recommendation and your school advisor that they may be contacted by a representative of the Lost Coin Women's Fund in regard to your application.
Lost Coin Women's Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 82
Milton, MA 02186

The Lost Coin Women's Fund, Inc. is a registered non-profit 501 (c)(3) Fund.
Your gift is tax deductible.