Lost Coin Women’s Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit organization founded in 1992 by Dorothy Conceison, Barbara Maher, and Marie Sheehan. These women recognized the increasing feminization of poverty and that the poor, overwhelmingly, are women and children. Because the founding women shared a common vision of a world where women’s gifts would be recognized and valued, they determined to search out a way to help women in Massachusetts become employable and therefore self-reliant.

Lost Coin Women’s Fund, Inc. (LCWF) supports academic opportunities for low-income Massachusetts women by providing grants for undergraduate studies or vocational training programs. It is well recognized that higher education leads to an improved quality of life for women.

Since the inception of LCWF, hundreds of women have received LCWF grants totaling more than $560,000. These women have entered various fields of work including teaching, nursing, social service, computer/medical technology, home health care and other meaningful service fields.