The Founders’ Scholarship was established to honor the visionary women who established LCWF in 1992: Dorothy Conceison, Barbara Maher, and Marie Sheehan. These three women shared a common vision of a world where women’s gifts are recognized and valued. The founders of LCWF were determined to help Massachusetts women become employable and self-reliant through achieving post-secondary educational and vocational training.

The annual Founders’ Scholarship is available to any qualified LCWF applicant who has already received a LCWF grant in the prior twelve months and who continues to have tuition and other educational expenses due to on-going enrollment in her post-secondary program or school.

The Awards Committee reviews all recipients during the past twelve months and presents their recommendations for the Founders’ Scholarship to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will then vote on the awardee as well as the award amount.