The Lost Coin

In the story of the lost coin, the woman works diligently, lighting the lamp and searching everywhere in her home, for a valuable lost coin. This is a wise woman who understands the value of her lost treasure and seeks to restore this valuable to her family. We see that the coin represents a better way of life for her and her loved ones.

The search for the lost coin may also represent the search by low income women to achieve greater financial stability for their families. The woman who applies to Lost Coin Women’s Fund seeks to develop work skills and higher education in order to achieve a better lifestyle for herself and her family. The diligent efforts described in the parable represent the hard work which each woman must accomplish in order to successfully improve her station in life. The women who apply to the LCWF recognize the importance of their efforts in order to better provide for their families.

And, just as the woman in the parable celebrates with her family and friends when she has found her lost coin, the woman who applies to LCWF truly celebrates when she receives a LCWF grant award. She knows that the LCWF grant will help her achieve her life goals and will allow her to celebrate with her family as she leads them in creating a happier and more stable life.